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Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado Elopement Photoshoot

Wild + Tame 


If the idea of having a day to celebrate your love exactly how & where you want makes you giddy with excitement... we're going to have some fun together. If having a couple's photoshoot full of your love, intentional time together, fun, and absolutely no "say cheese" - then friends... you are home. 

It's 2024... getting married no longer means spending a wild amount of money per plate for that friend of your great aunt she once went to a knitting circle with. Getting married means having the day, the weekend, or the trip of a lifetime. 


Say goodbye to tacky centerpieces and hello to that dream beach ceremony in Greece followed by a built in honeymoon island hopping with your love getting sand in places you didn't know sand could get into.


"Peace out" to stiff poses, forced smiles, and uncomfortable clothes and heyyyyyy to a photoshoot that feels like a date. Full of making out, dancing, and laughs.

Basically we are not for the traditional. We are for those ready to step out of the box and ready to have a blast!

Katie here - you might know us as Katie Perk Photography. KPP got an upgrade y'all! You'll also get to meet my equally cool partner Cooper here - working together is dopeee

If you're looking to have some carefree, bitchin', unabashedly silly fun during your special day.... you're in the right place! 

A few things you need to know about working with us: we don't judge, we encourage you to get weird and be yourself, we will be your greatest cheerleaders and admirers, we will get up close and personal with you - literally and figuratively, and we just LOVE love. The kind of love that's almost contagious when you're around it. That's palpable, and loud, and unapologetic. That kind of love is our jam! So if you want those sweet sweet in between moments captured, we are your humans.

Currently living in Georgia but we are destination elopement photographers so we travel all over - shoot us a line or 10 and let's chat!

Destination Elopement Photographer
Colorado Elopement Photoshoot

If the thought of getting married in an elaborate ballroom makes you break out in a cold sweat, you're in the right place!

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A little bit about us

elopement photographers Blue Ridge, GA

We are storytellers. We also model as a couple so trust us, we get what it's like to be in front of the camera as much as being behind it! We met on Zoom... yes you read that right ZOOM. Cooper was my onboarding buddy and teammate at the new remote job I started - then met for the first time in Dublin. We were 110% sure about each other and Katie made the move back to the states shortly after.

Katie has photographed intimate weddings and elopements all over the world. From California, to Colorado, to Ireland, and Italy. No place is too far and no celebration too small.

We believe in the small moments being just as important as the big ones. The little moments in between. The grandma whispering a wish into your ear, mom goofing off while walking down the aisle, dad being dad, your friend holding your hand while you get ready to see your partner... those are our favorite. It's the little, probably imperfect moments that make our hearts melt and we think they'll be the ones you want in that photo album to look through years from now. If you're not into that, we're probably not for you friends!

Chicago couples boudoir session

"Katie is the BEST!! My wife and I did a couples shoot with her prior to our wedding day shoot and she's got some awesome range as a photographer: both casual and intimate shoots. She brings the best out of a photography session: the laughs and love. Typically people feel as though working with a photographer is something like high school picture day (awkward and stale) but that is far from the truth when working with Katie. You ever meet someone and it feels like you're reconnecting with an old friend that you didn't know how much you missed dearly? That's what it feels like every time we are lucky enough to work with her. I will be recommending her to ALL of my friends and family because she's part of it!" - Vince H. 

Let's chase the sun


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